Niagara Restaurants

......The secret of any dish is Love, which is its main ingredient. We, the Niagara Restaurants staff have discovered this simple truth and apply it daily in our work to create unique dishes for every one of you! In both restaurants and Pizza Restaurants of the Niagara chain you can enjoy superb food in a cozy atmosphere and a glass of wine served with a smile. Our team works with enthusiasm and dedication to create a new culinary magic for you every day. READ MORE

Niagara Restaurants Sofia


Address: 1, Krichim Str., 1000 Sofia
Tel: +359 2 962 12 90

Bulgary Restaurant Garden

Garden restaurant Bulgariy offers traditional Bulgarian cuisine served in an elegant and cozy atmosphere. All three levels are separate lounges, which are arranged in authentic works of art: paintings and sculptures by Bulgarian masters, original photographs and objects representing the spirit of post-liberation of Sofia. What distinguishes RESTAURANT Bulgaria is that it reflected aristocratic spirit and urban culture, popular in Sofia at the end of XIX century and first quarter of XX century. READ MORE

Bulgary Restaurant Garden Sofia


Address: 71 Dondukov Blvd., Sofia
Tel: +359 887 45 50 50

Happy Bar and Grill
The first Happy Bar @ Grill Restaurant opened on Christmas Eve, on 24 December 1994 in the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna, under the name Happy Seamans Bar. The restaurant enjoyed great interest from the citizens of Varna, and a short time later, on the 6th July 1995, opened the second establishment, Happy Orbit, which set the start of the largest and fastest growing chain of casual restaurants in the country. At present the company develops and manages 23 restaurant in Bulgaria and two in Barcelona, Spain. READ MORE
Happy Bar and Grill Sofia


Address: 4 Sveta Nedelia Square, Sofia
Tel: +359 88 818 1070

Esterhasi Bar
Esterhasi Bar Sofia


Address: 21 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd.
Tel: +359 884 441 441

Chevermeto Restaurant
The Bulgarian restaurant Chevermeto – whatever your heart may wish! Restaurant Chevermeto combines authentic atmosphere, dishes prepared according to old receipts and a folklore show. Every evening a whole lamb is roasted on fire as cheverme, where the name of the restaurant comes from. If you want to be in a traditional Bulgarian atmosphere, to taste typical Bulgarian dishes, to learn the steps of the traditional dance straight horo and even one folk song together with the siners and the dancers of the folk show – you will find all of these. READ MORE
Chevermeto Restaurant Sofia Address: 1 Bulgaria Square, Sofia
Tel: +359 885 630 308
Olives Restaurant
A unique interior from famous designers with an american flavour. What is most important is the good attitude towards clients. The cuisine consists of Italian pasta prepared at the restaurant. It also has American burgers, French soups and self-made desserts. Most of the meals are prepared in a healthy way – steamed. Variety of Bulgarian wines and almost all kinds of high alcoholic drinks. READ MORE
Olivs Restaurant Sofia Address: 12 Graf Ignatiev str., Sofia
Tel: +359 2 986 0902
Motto Club
“This is the place that inspires me. I’d love to return back here to be with my friends, friends with whom I share my life. Interesting persons and stories happened in front of my eyes. Shared pleasure and happiness – what’s we find here in Club Motto. The music I love, an elegant menu and gret drinks.” READ MORE
Motto Club Sofia Address: 18 Aksakov str., Sofia
Tel: +359 987 27 23
Pizzarella Burgers and Pizza
Pizzarela offers mainly North-American cuisine, such as burgers, pizza, appetizers and salads. Pizzarela is the place where you could enjoy original American burgers, beef and pork steaks, onion rings, potato skins, nachos, etc. READ MORE
Pizzarella Burgers and Pizza Sofia Address: 1 Bulgaria Square, NDK, Sofia
Tel: +359 888 66 04 04

The Red House

/Chervenata Kashta/

The Red House Sofia Chervenata Kashta Address: 33 Petar Parchevich str., Sofia
Tel: +359 889 811 181
Mr. Pizza Restaurant READ MORE
Mr. Pizza Restaurant Sofia Address: 3 Verila str., Sofia /close to Vitosha blvd./
Tel: +359 895 616 111
Moma Restaurant READ MORE
Moma Restaurant Sofia Address: 28 Solunska str., Sofia /close to Vitosha blvd./
Tel: +359 885 62 20 20
Shtasliveca Restaurant  READ MORE
Shtaslivetsa restaurant Sofia Address: 27 Vitosha blvd., Sofia
Tel: +359 2 4411155
Raffy Bar & Gelato
They welcome hundreds of customers every day and in addition to the great variety of ice cream, their customers are now able to have lunch, dinner or just stop by for a drink. Neither superfluous names nor wasteful prices make anyone feel like home, no matter of the time. Day after day the rich and delicious meals, pleasant music, friendly service and affordable prices became their unique brand. READ MORE
Raffy Bar and Gelato Sofia Address: 18 B Vitosha blvd., Sofia
Tel: +359 895 515041
Ugo Restaurants  READ MORE
Ugo Restaurant Sofia Address: 45 Vitosha blvd., Sofia
Tel: +359 2 9881892
Victoria Restaurants
You would like to order a pizza for home or looking for good restaurants in Sofia, then you've come to the right place. Restaurant chain "Victoria" disposes 8 restaurants in Sofia. Here you will find a wide selection of pizzas, pasta, salads, fish and other tasty dishes. The staff of the restaurant "Victoria" will take care to be served with finesse, smile and friendly attitude, whether you order a pizza for home or visit one of their restaurants. READ MORE
Victoria restaurants Sofia Address: 7A Tsar Osvoboditel blvd., Sofia
Tel: +359 888 393077
Spaghetti Kitchen
We always have a table or two for those free spiritswho come to us on the spur of the moment. After you assume your comfortable seat on a wooden table, it's time for you to enter the universe of those delicious pleasures that sparkle in our tight menu. READ MORE
Spaghetti Kitchen Sofia Address: 9 Shesti Septemvri str.
Tel: +359 890 566 666
Rubaiyat Restaurant READ MORE
Rubaiyat Restaurant Sofia Address: 1 Bulgaria square, entrance A5, Sofia /close to Vitosha blvd./
Tel: +359 885 999 903